1. Tilly and the Wall
    Omaha, Nebraska
  2. Andrea Tomasi
    Portland, Oregon
  3. A Weather
    Portland, Oregon
  4. Shana Falana
    Kingston, New York
  5. The Berg Sans Nipple
    Paris, France
  6. Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band
    Omaha, Nebraska
  7. Last Good Tooth
    Providence, Rhode Island
  8. Nik Freitas
    Los Angeles, California
  9. The Felice Brothers
    Catskill, New York
  10. Bright Eyes
    Omaha, Nebraska
  11. Choir Boy
    Provo, Utah
  12. Simon Joyner
    Omaha, Nebraska
    Brooklyn, New York
  14. MiWi La Lupa
    Omaha, Nebraska
  15. The Lowest Pair
    Olympia, Washington
  16. bentcousin
    Brighton, UK
  17. The Banddroidz
    New York, New York
  18. Saul Conrad
    Boston, Massachusetts
  19. Roger Lion
    Toronto, Ontario
  20. Rig 1
    Los Angeles, California


Team Love Records New Paltz, New York

Team Love Records is a New York based label that was founded by Nate and Conor in the Fall of 2003. Rebecca came along a few months thereafter, and Matt joined the team in the spring of 2007. Team Love┬ámoved in 2010 from NYC to New Paltz, where we found Autumn, the newest member of Team Love. ... more

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