1. Devotion
    Roz and the Rice Cakes

  2. Rare Energy
    Guilt Mountain

  3. Billy Stoner
    Billy Stoner

  4. Our Lady Star of the Sea, Help and Protect Us
    Tica Douglas

  5. Songs From Where I Live
    Good Good Blood

  6. Arranged Marriage NP
    Arranged Marriage NP

  7. bent disco vol. 1
    bentcousin & alcatraz electro

  8. High Up
    High Up

  9. At Longview Farm
    Jemima James

  10. When You Get Old
    Jemima James

  11. Passive With Desire
    Choir Boy

  12. Here Comes the Wave
    Shana Falana

  13. Bubble

  14. Fern Girl & Ice Man
    The Lowest Pair

  15. Uncertain As It Is Uneven
    The Lowest Pair

  16. The Banddroidz
    The Banddroidz

  17. Ended Up Making Love
    MiWi La Lupa

  18. bentcousin

  19. Requiem
    Saul Conrad

  20. Sleepwalker
    Long Beard

  21. Roger Lion
    Roger Lion

  22. I Reckon I'm Fixin' on Kickin' Round to Pick a Little
    The Lowest Pair

  23. Close Encounter / The Conversation
    Roz and the Rice Cakes

  24. Whatever Will Happen

  25. Set Your Lightning Fire Free
    Shana Falana

  26. Cosmic Comic Book
    Refried Ice Cream

  27. The Sacred Heart Sessions
    The Lowest Pair


  29. Need to Feed
    Roz and the Rice Cakes

  30. North of Maple
    Rig 1

  31. Rig 1 - North of Maple

  32. 36¢
    The Lowest Pair

  33. New Way Home
    MiWi La Lupa

  34. Hurricane Dream
    Andrea Tomasi

  35. Not Without Work and Rest
    Last Good Tooth

  36. Heavy Mood
    Tilly and the Wall

  37. One Of My Kind
    Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band

  38. Orangefarben
    Sea of Bees

  39. Simone Felice
    Simone Felice

  40. Conduits

  41. Build With Erosion
    The Berg Sans Nipple

  42. # Zero With a Bullet
    David Dondero

  43. Witness to the Storm
    Refried Ice Cream

  44. Everyday Balloons
    A Weather

  45. Maudlin
    Capgun Coup

  46. Hustler's Son
    Jason Boesel

  47. Live From Home
    Shudder to Think

  48. Out Into The Snow
    Simon Joyner

  49. Yonder Is The Clock
    The Felice Brothers

  50. Above the Treeline West of the Periodic
    Rig 1

  51. Calamity Drenching
    McCarthy Trenching

  52. Stay Black
    Mars Black

  53. O
    Tilly and the Wall

  54. Sun Down
    Nik Freitas

  55. The Cowardly Traveller Pays His Toll
    Simon Joyner

  56. Cove
    A Weather

  57. Flowers Forever
    Flowers Forever

  58. Motion Sickness
    Bright Eyes

  59. Simple Love
    David Dondero

  60. Along the Quai
    The Berg Sans Nipple

  61. Blue Melody - Live from the South
    Simon Joyner

  62. Heaven's Gate
    Simon Joyner

  63. Iffy
    Simon Joyner

  64. McCarthy Trenching
    McCarthy Trenching

  65. Room Temperature
    Simon Joyner

  66. South of the South
    David Dondero

  67. When Jamie Went To London... We Broke Up
    Park Ave.

  68. Bottoms of Barrels
    Tilly and the Wall

  69. Wild Like Children
    Tilly and the Wall


Team Love Records New Paltz, New York

Team Love Records is a New York-based label that was founded by Nate and Conor in the Fall of 2003. We moved from Sugar St NYC in 2010 to the corners of Academy + Church in New Paltz, where you can visit the TL HQ Shop.

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